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Real Reviews with Rae

Are you tired of Kardashian-style reviews that make everything sound AHHHMAZING or Easy Peasy or Purrrrfect? Do you just want people to be raw and real and tell it like it is? Yah, me too! That’s why I created RAEviews, Real Reviews with Rae, to be a trustworthy platform that not only highlights companies that deserve it, but also warns when to proceed with caution.

This started with the first dress I received as an influencer…it arrived damaged, unwearable, and their customer service was non existent! I thought, “How do they expect me to share a discount code with my followers when I myself wouldn’t spend $1 on this poor quality?!”

I was frustrated seeing influencers post products just because they were paid to. This motivated me to share my honest opinion, in hopes that others would too.  People deserved to know if it was worth buying and a product to believe in, instead of selling out for a buck.

My RAEviews can be straightforward, but also showcase some funny Bloopers that hopefully provide a belly laugh! I take my brand collabs seriously and only retain relationships with those I can vouch for. RAEviews also features Rae’s Faves, which are products that left me excited and confident to share with all of you!