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Pizza -to- Pilates

Pizza -to- Pilates

Wellness Journey

The physical body is quite amazing… Challenging and worrisome at times, but overall it’s fascinating what it can do. Exploring health on all levels is something I have been working on my entire life. Not just looking my best or aiming to be fit, but also focusing on mental and spiritual growth.

I have learned that if you don’t fix your mind, you can’t stick to new habits or ever really change. Having been a gal who yo-yo dieted, binged, fasted- you name it! I get it! I know how frustrating weight loss can be. I sympathize with being stressed and in desperate need of zen.

Join me on my wellness journey, where I will share my insight based on first hand experience, knowledge and life lessons. Ranging from healthy meal prep ideas to learning ways to alleviate health conditions and tapping into spiritual awareness. Pizza to Pilates is a full transformation; from fitness inspiration to supplements that really work and spa getaways that can’t be missed!

When it comes to healthy living and achieving fitness goals, I have always found meal prepping to be of top importance. There is nothing worse than having a long work day and coming home to no food and giving into your Hangry Demons. This usually triggers bad decisions, often followed by regret and guilt. This can be avoided with some simple meal preparation.

It’s essential to find high quality Tupperware that is BPA free, microwave and dishwasher safe for convenience. Then decide what your goals are whether its losing weight, building muscle, or simply maintaining. Once you calculate your macros and dietary needs, the prepping of the food and cooking begins! But this doesn’t have to be stressful or a challenging culinary experience…I’m here to make it easy, healthy, and hopefully fun!

Ever get bored of your workout routine? Yeah, me too! I used to do the same workout everyday and wondered why my body stopped progressing, why I lost motivation to hit the gym, and almost gave up!

They key is switching it up often and keep your body guessing. Also, don’t be afraid to try new workouts, kick it up a notch, or even let your ego go and rest. Resting is just as important and often forgotten.

Hop into my apartment gym for a sweat sesh or stroll with me when I’m on vacation trying new trails and fitness studios. No gym, no problem. I will show you simple ways to keep active and toning without complicated equipment…And how to stay fit when you are a busy globetrotter.

Knowledge is power. This saying has stuck with me since childhood. I am constantly researching and reading about health trends to be up to date on conditions and ways to alleviate them.

I am a sponge of information and hope by sharing what I learn it may help someone else in a similar situation or struggle. We don’t have to go through anything alone and every bit of information can help us progress on our wellness journey.

There is nothing sexy about someone who spends all their time perfecting their body, while neglecting their mind and soul. Mental and spiritual awareness and growth is just as important as physical health. In fact, keeping the trilogy in balance can lead to a healthier and happier life.

Whether it’s mindfulness when eating and slowing down our crazy brains or taking deep breaths and thinking positive thoughts or simply being more present… We can work from the inside out and see the positive domino effect on our entire lives and those around us.

Sometimes we just need a good photo or quote to jumpstart our day- Or kick us in the tuchas to get in the zone and avoid the lazy trap.

Not all supplements are created equal! We are constantly bombarded with the next best protein powder, gummy hair vitamin, or weight loss pill- But who can we trust?

In a world of influencers it’s hard to decipher the real from fake and what’s worth our money and safe for our bodies. Here I will share supplements I have found along the way that really work! And fill you in on products or ingredients to avoid.

“All work and no play makes makes Jack a dull boy…” Well, all stress and no zen makes Jill a burnt out gal! Time to take a moment for yourself…Self care and relaxation is necessary just like oxygen, food and paying your cell phone bill!

We live in a world that doesn’t stop, but this doesn’t mean you can’t take a break from it all and recenter. Wether its heading to a luxe spa or trying the next anti aging treatment or filling your bubble bath with Epsom salt…take a moment Sunday to Om your way to tranquility.