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Modern Matzo Brei

I am Jewish by blood, but wasn’t raised traditional by any means. My holiday cooking has a modern twist for those a little less kosher and a little more flexible. Happy Passover!


2 sheets Gluten-Free Matzo Style Squares
6 eggs
1 package Turkey Bacon (Kosher ideally)
1 Onion


1. In a frying pan prepare crispy turkey bacon, set aside and crumble when cool
2. In same frying pan sauté onions until brown
3. In a small bowl whisk eggs (add dash cream or milk if not kosher… otherwise dairy substitute)
4. Break a part 2 sheets of matzo and soak into eggs for softer texture or put direct into pan with onions for crispier style
5. Add egg mixture until fully coated and mix
*Turkey bacon can be substituted for Lox accompanied by Kite Hill vegan cream cheese and dill garnish