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New York City

New York City

I dreamt of living in New York City my entire life. Fantasizing about the city that never sleeps from the architecture to the theatrical presence and unparalleled sophistication. Most visits I would clock 30,000 steps on my Apple Watch! You better wear your walking shoes, because the sights are endless!

It wasn’t until two years ago that I actually made my dream a reality. After 14 years in Los Angeles, I took the plunge to move out East. However the love affair of visiting versus the awakening of day to day routine was so extremely different that I almost gave up and left! Not to mention my first big winter and feeling the midst of seasonal depression. I don’t care what anyone says, sunshine on your face DOES make you happy. Hello Vitamin D, people. 🙂

But I didn’t give up and decided to stay and take advantage of what the city had to offer. I went from a serial dater to a loving relationship. I found my rhythm and balance with being healthy and social. Oh and I decided to turn my passions into my career!

I lost all the fear I had when in Lala Land and went all in! So I must say I have so much gratitude to The Big Apple. It’s very true- “Concrete jungle where dreams are made of.” Come see for yourself!


The Standard Hotel is situated in the iconic Meatpacking District of Manhattan. This hotel is amongst my NYC favorites, especially during the colder months. The hotel transforms the space into a winter wonderland with an outdoor ice skating rink, seating with furry blankets under heat lamps, and comforting hot cocoa.

Meatpacking District is known for its cobblestone streets, designer shops, entertaining Chelsea Market, and delectable bites. Not to mention the unique elevated park built on top of an old railroad track called the High Line. Quite different from the year 1900 when the neighborhood was home to 250 slaughter houses and packing plants!

At The Standard you will experience stunning views of the city Skyline from the Boom Boom Room. Get your drink or your dance on all night amongst this trendy crowd.

TIP: Splurge on The Hudson Studio if you want a room with a soaking tub in the middle of the space and views that just don’t quit from all sides! Or Save with the Deluxe King which faces the Hudson and has a retro layout. View more

New York City - The Standard


Salinas – This romantic Spanish Tapas restaurant is located on Ninth Ave in Chelsea just a stone’s throw from Meatpacking. The flavor profile is inspired by the Mediterranean and the ambience welcomes lovers with its dim lighting, plush decor, cozy fireplaces, and abundance of roses.

There are several dining rooms to choose from depending on your mood and the season, but all equally satisfying. Don’t be shocked when the waiter shuns your American Beer in place of a Spanish favorite.

The complimentary bread and dips gets your palate excited for the dishes to come- All encouraged to be shared family style. My standout favorite being the Squid Ink…Puts competitors to shame.

TIP: When the weather is warm opt to sit in the garden with its impressive retractable glass roof. Oh and Ladies, the bathroom has the best lighting for selfies… Just don’t take too long as its single occupancy. View more


Broadway Baby! As a theater buff, I cannot think of anything better than seeing a show while in town. I went to a professional performing arts high school so show tunes are my second language. Consider a popular Musical like Moulin Rouge or explore the talent of Off Broadway. There is a show for all personalities and interests. Aladdin surprisingly was one of the best shows I have seen and leaves you smiling ear to ear. Not just for kids…There are plenty of laugh out loud moments with the adult humor and undertones. The magic of the show will inspire you and leave you singing in the streets.

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t afford tickets to the show of your dreams. There are plenty of “free” things to do in this expensive city. Consider a stroll in Central Park where you can get to know the 840 acres of beauty and foliage. It’s impossible to see every inch, but standout treasures are Bow Bridge, Strawberry Fields, Shakespeare Garden, the carousel, Alice in Wonderland statue, and the Boathouse.

TIP: Remember to wear good walking shoes, because you are bound to hit the concrete for many miles. Don’t be afraid to throw your plans out the window and let the city take the lead. View more