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Hey Y’all...

Yes, it’s a southern thing that stuck with me since my youth in Tennessee and Texas. I moved all over the map my entire childhood. New cities, new schools, new friends. Not in the army, just a gypsy mom and opportunities presented in new places.

Some would think from looking at me now that I grew up privileged. However, this is far from true. My surroundings were usually chaotic, but I learned the art of survivalism. Most meals consisted of Mac and Cheese and tuna fish. But ever since I could use a step stool, I would plate my food in an artistic way and make believe it was fine dining.

I read cookbooks, admired mom in the kitchen, and later binge watched Food Network. Little resentful still of Rachael Ray for taking my name to build a Culinary Empire- that was my dream! But luckily there can be two Rae’s… Just not In the same kitchen.

After graduating top of my class at LMU, I spent 14 years in Los Angeles where I discovered hot yoga, fad diets, online dating, credit cards, and Xanax. Then I moved to NYC from LA for real estate and real love. I struggled with juggling work, a new relationship, and my health suffered in this transition.

This lifestyle wouldn’t work long term, nor did I enjoy how I was feeling. Proactively, I committed to making a change and signed up for a fitness program with workouts and meal plans. I realized to be my best self and partner I needed to be healthy and live a more balanced life.

This also meant putting my job on the back burner to be authentic and pursue my passions. I am a writer. Always have been since I can remember. I still have an old Garfield notebook with my childhood writing. My penmanship was actually better as a seven year old! But seriously, endless possibilities have become reality ever since I shifted gears and put 100% effort into my dreams. I truly believe if you do what you love, great success will follow.

Working 10 AM to 2 AM (Yes AM…Hello night owls) is easy now, because I love writing and creating content. I love to read and educate myself and share fascinating discoveries. I love creating healthy alternatives in the kitchen to nostalgic favorites. I love travel as it fuels me and sometimes I do it on a strict budget, while other times I splurge in luxury. I’ve gone from a Hostel in Prague to a Villa in Capri!

I love sharing my real self- The good, the bad and the ugly in hopes that I will inspire or help others. Whether it’s substantial and heartfelt with health conditions and advice or fluffy and whimsical with the best bed and breakfast in St Tropez. I’m here to be me…No filter, no sugar-coating, but tons of humor! Exposing myself and my journey. The ups and downs and everything In between. Welcome to my blog and my life…