About Rae

Hi, Im Rae. I grew up all over- Nashville, Santa Fe, San Antonio…..Los Angeles! I worked in the entertainment biz, private aviation, and most recently luxury real estate. But who am I? And now what?

To be my authentic self, I decided to put my job on the back burner and pursue my passions full time with this blog. I truly believe if you do what you love, great success will follow.

I love sharing my real self- The good, the bad and the ugly in hopes that I will inspire or help others. Whether it’s substantial and heartfelt with health conditions and advice or fluffy and whimsical with the best bed and breakfast in St Tropez. I’m here to be me…No filter, no sugar-coating, but tons of humor!

Here is my journey…. From pizza to pilates; from Cali to Capri; from rags to richer rags; from real estate to the real me…. Sharing my Rae of Sunshine along the way.

...And Milo

Hi, I’m Milo. I identify as a Bichon Frise and my spirit animal is a polar bear. My mom rescued me at 4 months old about seven human years ago. But let’s be real, because that’s the point of this blog- I rescued her! I started out a stinker, but have matured into a real loyal companion.

My birthday is November 30th, which makes me a Sagittarius just like Mom!  Feel free to send me cute gifts, hint hint…I wear a size small. My mom is not the only one accepting brand collabs.

I have an affinity for tasty treats and some may call me a bone connoisseur. My mom takes me everywhere with her and I must say my Pup Passport is filling up fast! So far my faves have been the Waldorf Astoria in Boca and The Resort at Pelican Hill.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you and please don’t be shy…I promise not to bite! ARF!

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Get Real with Rae

I am a writer. Always have been since I can remember. I still have an old Garfield notebook with my childhood writing. My penmanship was actually better as a seven year old! But seriously, I put my job on the back burner to focus on my passion.

My blog features substantial, heartfelt content ranging from body image to career and purpose to relationship dynamics and hilarious serial dating adventures. A blog to absorb over coffee, share with friends or find yourself glued to in bed at 1 am.

The nitty gritty truth that isn’t always comfortable to share, but it’s usually something relatable. Why face the world alone when we can have a community to support each other. Aimed to be an interactive Blog that challenges all of us to get real with ourselves and others.

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    Hi, Im Rae. I grew up all over- Nashville, Santa Fe, San Antonio…..Los Angeles! I graduated top of my class in high school and college. I worked for Columbia Pictures, private aviation, and luxury real estate brokerages.

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    Ladies (Ahem and Gentlemen), we are not alone in our search for love. Everyone craves at some point or another that attraction, comfort, and joy a partner brings.

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    “Thank you Ex?,” you ask in shock that I could find a way to give appreciation to my Ex-Boyfriend for breaking my heart. Yes!… I am so grateful for that rollercoaster that led me to where I am today.

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